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Property Management

Welcome Investors and Homeowners

There are multiple reasons to make the decision to rent your home. You may be a homeowner that is relocating and can't sell your home for a loss in the down housing market. You may also be an investor with real estate as part of your portfolio. Although real estate can be an excellent vehicle for producing income and building equity, most people don't have the time or the ability to manage their own properties. Our property management services are an affordable option for you. We make the process hassle free!

Real estate can be one of the best investments available, but only if it is managed correctly. Geisler Realty specializes in representing real estate investors. As investors ourselves, we understand your needs and are fully capable of managing your investments. Geisler Realty is a full service real estate brokerage with the ability to represent clients of any size.

The Youngstown and Warren area statistically has the most affordable housing in the country! This creates an ideal environment for real estate investors. With housing prices at record lows, the typical real estate investor has changed. More and more individuals have become capable of investing in real estate due to the minimal capital needed to get started. Geisler Realty works with investors throughout the United States and across the World.

Geisler Realty was born and has grown based on representing real estate investors. We fully understand the value in retaining our clients. Every client that we represent is extremely important to our future. We make it our goal for your property to produce income. If your investment is not producing the income you expect, we don't get paid! We work closely with contractors, lenders, title companies and inspectors to provide our clientele with the best service possible. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran investor, Geisler Realty is the right choice!

One of 0ur core goals is the improvement of our local community. The properties that we manage are continuously maintained and improved so that our tenants have a quality home to live in. Maintaining the condition of your investment is a top priority for Geisler Realty. Our community needs investors that have these same goals in mind.

Why Choose Geisler Realty?

We know the latest laws & techniques.

We use the best property management software.

We provide you with an owner portal to view property stats.

We provide tenants the ability to auto-draft or pay online.

We know how to market your property.

We know how to pick and screen good tenants.


Whether you choose to do business with us or not, we are here to answer any questions you have.

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